Mrs. Raymond’s Artroom

Mrs. Raymond’s Artroom is a busy and energetic place where every student is an artist.

The Art Studio is a place where students come in the afternoons to enjoy gentle and individualized instruction on multi-level art skills and mediums. A liberal amount of freedom is given to students as they develop and express their own creativity. They are encouraged to engage with their fellow students as they learn and discover together. Students learn responsibility in caring for various quality art supplies and are free to access these at their desire. We enjoy a relaxed and creative atmosphere with music, inspiring quotations and pictures from artists, and a good bit of chatting!

Students take pride in accumulating artwork in their own portfolios and in choosing artwork to be displayed in school-wide art shows throughout the year.

They also enjoy articulating their opinions as they explore works of art by artists and students alike.

Creative Explorations students are given instruction in drawing, painting, and 3-D skills as they develop their own and unique projects.

Studio Art Students are given instruction and prompts in a project-based learning environment, while they work at their own pace and comfort level.

Art class description

Art with the Caldecotts

The Story of America thorough painting will be an exciting cultural journey through America as we discover the art and artists of America and how they both reflected and shaped the culture and events of our history. Students will explore art pieces and then jump into the Studio and express their own Voice through painting and other mediums. Students grade 7 and up should miss this class! It will be a one-of-a kind-journey through America and through ourselves!

The American Story through Painting 2018

Something’s always happening in Mrs. Raymond’s Artroom!